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Accommodation London operates many fully furnished studio apartments all within Zone 2, NW2 & W9 that have been newly converted with modern features. Most apartment have coin operated laundry facilities. These apartments are ideal for anyone that are on a working holiday, students, groups or holiday makers. They are suitable for long or short term rentals.


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In the beginning

Accommodation London began offering private rooms in shared houses over 25 years ago to backpackers from Australia coming to London on working holidays. We were able to offer them budget accommodation in fun shared houses allowing them to pay a low rate including all bills. Willesden Green became a Aussie friendly area and small bars and cafes began opening to cater for our new international friends!

April 1988

Howzit South Africa!

Accommodation London opens it’s doors to South African’s! They are welcomed by us to London at the start of their working holidays and find a great home at the right price. Travellers arrive from from Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein and Kimberley.

June 1995

The Digital Age

On line long term bookings are offered through the new website. We officially become the only accommodation provider in the UK who offers on line hassle free bookings for long term accommodation in the UK. This ia a major breakthrough for the industry!

March 1998

The Europeans are coming

Europe wants to learn English! We begin to work with several Language schools in London to offer mid term (3 – 6 months) stays for language school students. Our students come from France, Spain, Italy and Germany.

January 2002

We Welcome Brazil!

Brazilians came to the UK from the 1980s onwards to study, but once they arrived some discovered that the major cities (in particular Londons) ethnic and cultural diversity offered more professional opportunities for them. The community has seen a rapid growth in size over recent years, with the number of people born in Brazil resident in the UK increasing by almost 700% between 1991 and 2009. We love Brazilians and have great clients from cities across Brazil including Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Sao Paulo, Manaus, Porto Alegre and Fortaleza.

February 2004

We Are Ready For The World

Accommodation London is now fully set up to offer travelers from all over the world a variety of accommodation types: studios, rooms and hostel beds. We now offer flexible terms of stay from 4 weeks upto one year. Our offices now handle hundreds of enquiries each month from a whole range of international travellers looking for their UK experience.

September 2007

Wonderful Wifi

Accommodation London offers wifi to all its tenants for FREE! We invest in new technology and upgrade our servers and modems to support our international clients wishing to stay in touch with their friends and family back home.

September 2010

New Hostel Facility

The Mapesbury Hostel in Kilburn opens its doors to travellers looking for clean, secure and quiet hostel accommodation. The hostel fills a gap in the market for this looking from a home from home stay as opposed to the big noisy party style hostels in London. Our hostel is perfect for people new to London to focus on getting a job, discovering London and making new friends.

May 2014

Brand Re Fresh

After many years we decided to get with the program and fully update our image and website. We work with a dedicated team of experts from London to develop the new logo and on line booking process, always keeping our clients in mind, and focusing on the user journey to keep it simple.

December 2017

We are waiting

London is waiting and anticipating your visit – get in touch with our multi lingual staff who are all travellers them selves

January 2018

So what are you

waiting for?

These amazing apartments are ideal for anyone that is on a working holiday, a student, groups of friends or holiday makers. It really is the perfect accommodation for long or short term rentals.