in London

We have provided a guide to the prices of a number of goods and services that will help you prepare and enjoy your stay with us.

Your London

price list

The cost of living in London can be on the expensive side, especially when you first get there and are still spending your precious local currency. Best advice, for obvious reasons, is to start earning £’s as soon as possible. Accommodation costs vary from area to area with the further outlying areas being cheaper, as a rule of thumb. However, this saving can be dented by the increased travel costs of living less centrally. Our accommodation is in zone two of Willesden Green, which is only a 20min tube ride to central london and the prices are still affordable.

Shopping basket (Supermarket)

Bread: £0.80
Sliced loaf

Apples: £0.90

Bananas: £0.50

Tomatoes: £0.50
400g can

Baked beans: £0.45
420g can

Cheese: £3.00
Cheddar 400g

Butter: £0.85

Milk: £0.85
One pint

Eggs: £1.55
6 pack

Chicken: £3.88
500g can

Beef burgers: £2.99
4 pack

Cereal: £1.50
One box

Spaghetti: £0.49

Rice: £1.50

Coffee: £2.50
227g bag

Tea: £1.55
80 tea bags

Beer: £4.00
4 pack

Cigarettes: £8.50
20 pack

Socialising costs

Beer: £5.00
568ml (pint)

Wine: £5.50

Pizza: £9.50
Medium takeaway

Burger & Chips: £5.50
Single meal

Cinema: £7.50
Movie ticket

Petrol: £1.50
Per litre

Newspaper: £1.55

Haircut: £14.00

Haircut: £30